September Update

Hi Everyone,

During the month of September we created a forum for our community members to chat about everyday things. Please check it out at

One of the goals of this month was to put an emphasis on clearing out non-complaint users, and rooms. I believe we have made great progress in achieving that. We thank you users who have been actively reporting. The more reports we receive the better for the community. Adult rooms are down by 98%, and users are reporting fewer non-complaint profiles. However, we will continue to put pressure on people that do not follow our chat policy. This is will continue to be an ongoing theme.

Additionally, we have been working hard to clear up some bugs that have been reported. Look for a new version towards the middle of September.

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August Update – Chat Safety

Hello everyone!

If you have been using the app, you probably noticed that some users have colored bubbles. During this month we have released some in-app upgrades, and the colored bubbles was one of them! If you haven’t already, please check it out.   We plan on adding more features in the future, both paid & free.

Additionally, we are putting features in to keep users safe, including stricter automatic ban features, and more active moderation. Your safety is important to us, and we are dedicated to make that our top priority. Please use the in-app reporting feature to notify us of any non-compliant users. We are proactive in checking the reports, so every report counts! You can also email us at to get a faster response for more urgent matters. For tips on how to chat safer please check out this site.


Thank everyone for their continued support. The more you use the chat app, the more features we will develop for it.

Look out for a HTML5 version by the end of the year!



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Can’t view profile picture?

Many of you have asked “why can’t I view my picture profile”. Well there is a bug that limits the cache size of the saved profile images. Long answer short, we plan on fixing this issue in the next update. But here is the temporary fix.


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February Update

Hi everyone, it has been a while since we posted an update. We are happy to report that CupidsChat has over 80k registered users, and around 70-100 concurrent users on at any given moment of the day. There have been bugs and issues, but like all start-ups those were expected. Overall, we are very pleased with the initial feedback our users have given us, and look forward to improving on our app.

Whats in store for the future? Notifications, and improved pro features are the next two items on our list.

Stay Tuned!

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Another Milestone

Tonight we reached 150 concurrent users, an all-time high for us!

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18k Registered Users!

Proud to say we have 18,000 registered users, and growing!

Why do users love our app? Our chat rooms are 100% real-time, have privacy features, flood filters, and bad language filters. No other apps have all those features.

We will continue to improve our application, and look forward to the future.

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10 days since launch

We are proud to report we have over 3k registered users, and currently 10+ concurrent users at all times.

We still have bugs to fix, and updates to make. But we are excited for the future of our app!

Look forward to more robust features, such as a gallery, and more privacy options.

Happy Holidays all! :)

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12.16.12 Cupid’s Chat Launch Day

We have launched our Chat Room app finally! Seven months of hard work. Now we just need to build the userbase!

Calling all chat room lovers is live. :)


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Launching Very Soon!

Cupid’s Chat is going to launch by the end of October / Early November. It has been a challenging seven months of development, but we are glad that we are almost ready to share our app with the world.


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